1. Souls Afire

From the recording Soul Afire (1997)

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Tantalize, brutalize civilized souls, bearing the burden of fools
Look away. cast away. run away from, all of society's rules
Murdering, innocent, sheltering lies, believing in Gods ruining lives
Let me be, set me free, I run my life, freedom is mine wrong or right

Alone in belief, heartfelt grief, the fire started & I
Became the flame, who's to blame soul afire
Soul afire

Can't run away
From this life I claim
You won't change who I am
Burned down today, for this life I made
No reform

Judging mysteries unknown, we are better left alone
To believe our hearts & minds, concentrating on our time
Giving into how we feel no regrets for what is real
People fear things they don't know, no regards to, to each their own.

Don't crucify, I don't want to die