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This is a beautiful story of a mother (Virginia), with Alzheimer's, who loved drawing in crayon with her daughter (Beverly Lytle) & specifically insisted that Jesus wanted His portrait in crayon.


Portrait in Crayon

 Lyrics by Beverly Lytle & Jesse James Russell 
Music by Jesse James Russell 
Produced, Recorded, Mixed, & All Instruments Performed by Jesse James Russell 
Lead Vocals by Peyton Wallace

Original Poem by Beverly Lytle

Original Poem by Beverly Lytle



For on the wings of death, a living soul takes flight 
Into the promise land, where there is no night 
Only beauty joy & peace & love beyond our dreams 

Jesus loves his portrait drawn in crayon 
I'll be here drawing pictures too 
Your spirit lives in me 
Now that you are free 
Forever we will always draw in crayon 

I know that she's in Heaven, her voice in me is strong 
Her name carved in my heart, she will go on & on 
I think of things she use to say, she's closer than before 

You'll be in Heaven to meet me 
Till then you're in my heart 
We'll walk together hand in hand 
Enjoying Heaven's art 
With brightly colored crayons all around me 
All around you, I'll be there to see you through 

Death is a stepping stone, gateway to better days 
It brings sadness to my heart, more than words can say 
God brings us hope, & its up to us to pray 

Peyton Wallace - Lead Vocals

Peyton Wallace - Lead Vocals